Keep Our Constitution Clean – Vote NO on ALL CRC Amendments in November


On the November Ballot

Send a message that partisan politics DO NOT BELONG in the Florida Constitution

Tell them the logrolling of amendments deprives you of your right to vote on what is important to you.  By voting NO on ALL, you are sending a message to the next CRC commission that the Constitution is sacred and politicians legislative agendas DO NOT BELONG IN OUR CONSTITUTION.

Even the people who voted to put all this fluff on the ballot admit there will be a well funded effort somewhere to urge people to vote NO on all the Amendments.  The commissioner in the middle says “yes”.  What does that say?  Watch this clip from the public forum

Click here to watch

If that wasn’t enough, here is Jeanette Nunez of the CRC saying the ban on greyhound racing did not belong in the constitution.  She voted to put it in the constitution, and now says she doesn’t have the time to explain her vote and why it is on the ballot?  We ALL know Jeanette, back door and back room politics that DO NOT belong in the CRC, but you did it anyways adding to the sham and shame that was this 2018 CRC committee.

Watch Crooked Jeanette’s explanation here.